I don’t know about you but as soon as I popped out of the womb I was destined to be a Star Wars fan. 

My parents were engaged in the Summer of 1977 and my father decided to take my mom on the most epic movie date to watch the soon to be epic movie of all time. With that came a family tradition. Every year that the newest episode came out my parents headed down to the Arlington to see them. Then came us girls and the love for Star Wars and movie tradition was passed down. 

With my mom’s visit last month I decided to throw her a small Star Wars viewing party. 

As much as we appreciated the newer episodes we decided to watch the original Star Wars (later in 1981 titled IV: A New Hope) episodes in anticipation for the newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week!

I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me and love these recipes for your own Gold Dipped Inspired Star Wars Party.

White Chocolate ‘Storm Trooper’ Mousse

German Chocolate ‘Wookie’ Cupcakes

New Hope’ (Long Hope) Cocktail

Also in anticipation for the newest movie my mom put her amazing talents to good use. Perfect for invitations or a neat piece of art to hang!

Be sure to check out this awesome shop of my mom’s No. 9 Studio  and check out the Star Wars Official Website for more details!

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