I am in love with Love. Have you ever stopped in your tracks to watch an older couple so blissfully happy, walking hand in hand, the only two people in the universe at that moment in time? Or when you ask someone about their significant other and they get that twinkle in their eye gushing about how they met or fell in love? Epic. 

Since we have been blogging I have been given the privilege to shoot a few engagement sessions and weddings and I have realized that is my home away from home. Granted there are some stresses that come with the territory, but, I have come to realize I have an obsession with love. 

One of my most favorite things to ask a couple when I am shooting is when they knew. That this one was IT for them. The epic aha! moment . . .for a fleeting few seconds you see them think back and they almost always smile. . .Oh it’s perfection.

Now for something close to home on Labor Day my little sister had the best day (so far) of her life. A day spent sailing in Santa Barbara, California. With a few friends and her boyfriend.

I mean who wouldn’t think that was romantic. But what my sister was blissfully unaware of was that a small group of our closest friends were waiting on Stearns Wharf with a sign reading. . .

But let’s rewind. To the date exactly how these two lovebirds met. 

How did you two meet? 

Jessica:  “We met during the Santa Barbara Art Night we chatted over dinner and I thought he was really nice.”

How Did you Know?

Johny:  “Once I saw how she was with my family and how she most importantly interacted with my mom. I realized she was the one for me.”

Jessica: “At first I noticed his communication 🙂 He was different in that he was open, caring, generous. He truly loves my mom.

Then when I got to know his friends, and the stories they told me about how much he has grown, it really impressed me. He gets along with all ages. And most importantly he takes care of me and thinks about all the things i don’t think about.  I think he balances me out when it comes to worries.

I love his family and this past weekend (after the engagement) meeting more of his family they have made me feel so welcome and a part of the family already.”

So let’s move on the the exciting part. . . Johnny decided to surprise Jessica after sailing that morning in beautiful Santa Barbara and ask for her hand once they arrived in the harbor. The setup was perfect. Keeping her distracted was the hardest part but it all paid off to see this reaction. 

” I turned around and he was on one knee, immediately I said YES!…Johnny said, ‘I haven’t even (officially) asked you yet!’ ” 

“Well the sign implied it,” Jess told me. Can’t deny this is the sweetest pic ever. 

Thumbs up dude. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on your most special day. 

Thank you for reading. Make sure you tell your significant other today that you care for them. Time is too short to not let them know how much you love and care for them. 


Look out for our next installation on love and meet up with the lovely ladies of The English Department. 


Quote & Art : Lark & Linen

Photography: Little Eedy