We know the word easy and french are rarely used in the same sentence but hear us out. Here we love making something look elegant but without the stress, anxiety and debt that comes along with parties at times. Don’t believe us check out our post Easy Personal Shower where we show you when you have a party to put on do not panic! 

Here is another look at how to throw an event which can go either for a Personal, Baby Shower or transition even into a fun night with the girls. 

Tip #1 

Find a location that works for you. 

Sometimes renting a space isn’t always realistic. We hosted this shower at a personal residence and with that we were able to control more aspects of our decor and the foods that we served. 

Tip #2

Decide on a Menu and Delegate 

Food in general can get expensive and very fast. We let our guest know it would be appetizers and desserts only. French food at times can be daunting to make, so we kept it small.

We picked a few items to showcase that could be made ahead of time and delegated a few make ahead items so it would not fall on just one person. We also bought prepared items along with homemade goodies to keep it easy. The results were stunning. 

Tip #3 

Keep Decorations Simple

We kept our decoration romantic and simple with tablecloths, “Silver” Metal Trays, Tulle and Mercury Glass Votives. All picked up from discount grocery and thrift stores. Want more ideas and tips watch our video here!

Cannot find mercury glass here is a simple and easy DIY to make them at home! 

We also showcased the area where our bride sat with a small garland of gold dipped feathers and used the rest to decorate our tables. Want to know how to make the garland head on over to Hello Luvvy for the tutorial

Tip #4 

Affordable Floral Arrangements 

Try to stick with a color pallette and find blooms accordingly. This allowed us to stick to our budget but still have a beautiful bouquet.

We made this easy arrangements with spiral/silver dollar eucalyptus, white carnations and Snap Dragons. We kept it in the hues of ivory and cream.  

We hope that this inspired you and let us know what tips you like to use in your party planning!

4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining
4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining
4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining
4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining
4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining
4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining

 Appetizer & Dessert Credits: 

French Nicoise Salad 

French Macaroon

Pinot Noir Chocolate BonBons 

Gorgonzola, Honey and Thyme Crostini with Toasted Pecans

Gold Dipped Cocktail 

Fin. M+H