November 2015

♥ Links We Love ♥

Links We Love

Links we Love ‘When Mom Comes To Visit’ Addition.

  1. Needing  inspiration for your fall makeup routine? 
  2. Gonna take my mom shopping, this was on her list.
  3. Need a sweet fix or looking for the most delicious gift, try this place it will blow your mind. 
  4. We tried this Pie and thank you, now we can’t stop eating it.
  5. Overwhelmed on Black Friday? Check out this Website that finds the best deals for you.
  6. Look which mini confectionary goodness, is now on the move.
  7. This looks chic but feels like pajamas.
  8. Recipes you like to cook for mom when she is in town? This is what we made.

M+ H 

Pip’s Original Donuts

Pip’s. Have you heard? Well, if you have been living under a rock, welcome to the land of the living again and head on over to 4759 NE Fremont Street.

This donut shop, Pip’s Original Donuts, was featured in a little newspaper we like to call The New York Times (Read all about it!) and has just launched it’s Food Truck (lookie here!) that you can rent out. If that doesn’t blow your socks off… well I wash my hands of you.  

These made to order bites of goodness come with such amazing toppings like honey sea salt and maple bacon, Or it’s season flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb, Blackberry Lavender or the most recent Cranberry-Honey Cream. When we say made to order, our donut eating hips never lie, you can actually watch them make your donuts as you sit and drink your latte. 

Enjoy some photos to our most recent visit to Pip’s (because we go quite often) and enjoy the paparazzi style photos. 

Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts Pip's Original Donuts

Pip’s Original Donuts Pairing We Love: 

Smokey Robinson with the Maple Bacon – Just do it. 

Emmylou with the Honey Sea Salt – Draws out the sweetness in the Tea, Delish. 

Heart of Gold with Anything – just pure “Gold” in a cup. 

Now the main reason you are only reading this, GIVEAWAY time, Enter here!!!

Pips Giveaway

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