Permanent hair removal for exceptional daily comfort

Not having to shave every time hair grows back is a dream for many people. Many of you have probably already thought about permanent laser hair removal, but have not dared. It’s about time you did! This is a hair removal technique that consists of getting rid of hair in the long term, gently but effectively. How does the concept work? Discover in the following article our selection of the best specialists in definitive hair removal in Paris.

What is permanent hair removal?

Permanent hair removal is a concept that consists in no longer needing to shave or remove hair. The basic principle is based on the destruction of the bulb responsible for hair growth.

There are two types of permanent hair removal systems.

Laser hair removal

A hair removal technique that consists of projecting a laser onto the skin. The laser in question is then transformed into heat when it meets the hair. The hair is then heated right down to its root, to prevent any regrowth.

The treatment is mainly intended for black and brown hair. It can therefore be less effective on white, blond or red hair, but also on darker skin tones.

The treatment requires about 5 to 6 sessions, which can last on average 20 to 30 minutes each. In most cases, the sessions are spaced 6 weeks apart to ensure that the hair roots are destroyed.

Semi-definitive hair removal

This method of hair removal is a technique that lasts over the long term, but as its name indicates, it is not completely permanent. The concept consists of using pulsed light.

It is a technique that is mostly practiced in beauty centers or specialized establishments. Similar to laser hair removal, semi-definitive hair removal is more effective on darker hair.

Although the technique is not definitive, it does prevent hair from growing back for several years at a much lower cost than laser hair removal.

Some tips before the permanent hair removal treatment

L epilation is a delicate operation that must be performed by a qualified and experienced professional, specially trained for such a practice. The risks of burns that may occur are by no means negligible.

Before proceeding with any treatment, whether it is laser hair removal or semi-definitive hair removal, it is advisable to shave the area(s) to be treated at least three days before the session.

It is preferable to make an appointment during the winter season, especially for pulsed light treatment, since the skin cannot be exposed to sunlight during the days following the session. The same applies to tanning before the sessions, which is a contraindication.

Skin with abnormalities should not be in contact with the laser, and moles should be covered during hair removal. If you are undergoing any kind of treatment, do not forget to mention it to the professional in charge of your hair removal.

Is permanent hair removal really effective?

The effectiveness of the procedure varies according to the type of skin and the color of the hair treated. The characteristics of the device used also influence the results of hair removal.

A treatment on light skin combined with darker hairs offers longer lasting results than others.

Laser hair removal is considered 80% effective because the technique does not completely prevent hair growth with age. Unexpected hormonal changes can also have an impact on hair growth. In short, the hair removal technique offers different results from one person to another.

It is important to know that permanent hair removal has temporary side effects in some cases, such as redness, bruising or swelling. However, if the procedure is poorly performed, the effects can be more serious! This is why you should always seek the services of a professional in this field, for greater safety.

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