How to unblock your diaphragm?

The diaphragm, also known as the breathing muscle, is located between the abdomen and the thorax. This muscle, which is one of the motors of breathing, can sometimes get blocked due to a simple malfunction or stress. However, there are ways to overcome this problem. Do you know them? Read this article to find out more.

Undergo osteopathic treatment

When you have a blocked diaphragm, the first concern is how to unblock it. And precisely in the face of this concern, we can find the right tips. Today, there are osteopaths who specialize in the treatment of the various ailments related to diaphragm dysfunctions. Therefore, it would be better to follow osteopathy sessions in order to give more dynamism to the thoracic cage. During these sessions, the practitioner will indeed make you follow some breathing exercises.

Follow physical therapy sessions

In addition to osteopathy, many doctors also recommend physical therapy as a good way to deal with this condition. In fact, physical therapy treats the various muscles of the diaphragm through long-term exercises. However, experts in the field use rehabilitation techniques to make it possible to unblock the diaphragm.

Doing yoga

Here is another very simple tip to adopt on a daily basis: yoga. Generally considered as stretching exercises, yoga allows you to adopt postures that actually stretch the diaphragm. Thus, these postures adopted during yoga considerably eliminate pain and tension related to the diaphragm. Also, yoga increases mobility, which can help to unblock the diaphragm. In addition, it allows you to be more relaxed, which prevents the blockage of the diaphragm.

Adopt good breathing every day

We cannot talk about solutions for the unblocking of the diaphragm without mentioning the need for good breathing, which is actually a long-term remedy. However, he recommends breathing well on a daily basis without forgetting to include some exercises related to it. Although blocking the diaphragm does not make breathing any easier, these exercises remain the best solution. Thus, thoracic flexibility will be increased thanks to good breathing.

Getting a massage

In addition to the above solutions, massage also helps to unblock the diaphragm, as it relaxes the solar plexus. To this end, massaging the plexus will help to remove tension and pain. To do this, you can use essential oils such as :

  • chamomile ;
  • True lavender;
  • lavender aspic, etc.

Massage the entire edge of the diaphragm, which is mainly located under the sides, while making simple movements. The diaphragm is one of the parts of the body that deserves great care. However, if you feel that it is blocked, do not hesitate to use the above tips. On the other hand, seek medical assistance if the pain persists.

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