Ayurveda: taking care of yourself during your pregnancy

Every pregnancy is a great moment in a woman’s life. A human being is growing in your womb and your whole metabolism is changing at great speed. In India, it is traditional for the pregnant woman to do massages, prenatal yoga and to have a proper diet during this period. The Ayurvedic tradition wants the pregnant woman to nourish herself well and take care of herself in order to guarantee the well-being of the baby.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine from India. Its origin goes back to 3500 years and means the knowledge of life. It is a preventive medicine that teaches how to take care of oneself in order to release dosha excesses, to unify the physical body and the spiritual body. This is done through a specific diet, excellent mental hygiene, yoga, mediation, aromatherapy, mantras, scents and gems. The objective is to positively impact the following spheres

  • Psychological ;
  • Spiritual ;
  • Physical ;
  • And emotional of the mother-to-be.

Thus, the care is particularly adapted to the phases of pregnancy, maternity and the first years of the child’s life. Moreover, you can visit this link if you wish to know more about this medicine.

The different ayurvedic massages for pregnant women

During pregnancy, it is the prenatal Abhyanga massage that is most administered to women. It consists in coating the whole body with warm sesame oil from head to toe. This treatment acts on the air energy (Vata) to reduce stress and anxiety in pregnant women. The prenatal Abhyanga massage has a stimulating effect on the blood and lymphatic circulation to make the legs and body less heavy. With a lighter body and a mind free of restlessness, abhyanga massage allows women to go into labor more relaxed.

Ayurveda after birth

After childbirth, women are often weakened, feel helpless and especially abandoned. Before the birth, everyone around them bent over backwards to satisfy their needs. In the post-natal period, they sometimes feel neglected. Ayurvedic massages fill this void and allow young mothers to feel welcomed and supported.


As highlighted in cocottes magazine, diet is an integral part of the Ayurvedic tradition. In this particular case, pregnant women are advised to eat warm meals with mild flavors. Cow’s milk or any other organic milk is a food that women should consume throughout their pregnancy. It should be taken hot and flavored with spices or fennel. You can also visit this site to discover some ayurvedic remedies.


Yoga is one of the characteristic practices of the Ayurvedic tradition. The postures to adopt vary according to each trimester of pregnancy. Practiced from the fourth month of pregnancy, yoga has the gift of acting on the body and mind of the pregnant woman. It calms, tones and stretches while resolving ailments such as back pain. Stability postures are to be adopted during the first trimester. In the second trimester, stretching postures should be favored while in the third trimester, heart opening postures are the most appropriate.

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