Oh hey there sister! 

Today I wanted to write a post about life and stuff. 

There is no DIY tutorial, no recipe and no makeup trends in this post.  

Just me on a soap box.  Consider yourself warned.  And if you’re still interested, please read on. 

You may or may not have noticed that our blog posts have been sporadic at best lately.  I consider it mostly my fault.  Melissa is a rock-star and continues to be a driving force for making things happen here.  (you can thank her for the sweet and salty paloma among other things)  And she sort of amazes me because life has been really busy for her lately. (buying a house is stressful to say the least) Plus, she has a day job and spends A LOT of time doing volunteer work.  What I love about Melissa is she continues to feel inspired and considers the blog an outlet for her creativity.

I on the other hand have found myself feeling uninspired and blah. Even a bit unhappy.  Don’t get me wrong.  My marriage is great and I love my family and friends.  However, this winter my health took a downturn.  I was working basically 2 different jobs and struggling to make ends meet.  I would work a long day, get home and crash on the couch and eat junk food.  It was easy to make excuses.  After all, I was in pain and tired and I truly loathe confrontation- a necessity if things were going to change at work.  Also- and this is probably the biggest part- I wasn’t spending as much time giving back to others as I had in the past.  

A moment of clarity came and I realized things had to change.  If I wanted to get back to that place where I felt inspired and happy I needed to take control of my life.  No one else could do it for me.  

So it started small.  I would spend time each morning focusing on my personal spirituality. (we don’t speak about religion on the blog because we don’t think this is the platform for it, however, I couldn’t leave that little nugget out because it makes the biggest difference for me personally)

Even though my joints were sore I would make myself walk each day.  Being outside is mentally and emotionally healing.  Cooking healthier became a priority.  

Finally, I came to the decision to quit my second job.  I was in a bad situation at work and I needed to address it.  The idea of having this conversation with my boss literally made me sick to my stomach.  When I say I loathe confrontation I’m not exaggerating.  Plus, change scares me.  But it was simple: do one thing that terrifies me and be happy or do nothing and remain in a bad situation.  

And so I had the talk.  It was terrifying.  And then it was over.  

I now work for myself. (real estate, in case you were wondering.)  My health is not fabulous but it’s manageable.  More time is now spent in volunteer work and helping others.  Which is the best kind of therapy in my opinion.  Please know that I’m not saying I’m perfect now.  I still struggle to get out of bed before 8 am.  (I’m not a morning person!!!)  Choosing a salad instead of fries is hard.  But I’m feeling happier now.  And along with that comes inspiration.  Which, by the way, is the whole point of this tangent.  

While on my laptop, scrolling through Pinterest and sipping a cup of coffee I came across a familiar image.  I clicked on it and it was from an old Tumblr account I used to keep up.  Completely forgot it existed!  And so, as I was looking at all these beautiful images on my old Tumblr I felt inspired to write this post.  My hope is that you feel inspired as well.  

Sometimes in life we find ourselves stuck in a rut.  Things aren’t terrible but we know they could be better.  Well, girlfriend, I’m here to tell you, the only thing standing in your way is yourself.  You got this!