Portland was hit with a heat wave.  Just to be clear I am not complaining.  Sometimes I like to pretend I live in SoCal and it’s always nice when the weather cooperates with my imagination. 

 Whilst pretending I live in SoCal (or Mexico or Hawaii or anywhere sunny with a beach really…) I need something tropical to sip on.  Need may be a stretch but just go with me here. 
tropical low calorie cocktail with only 3 ingredients!
 You know those yummy tropical drinks that taste like a pineapple and a coconut had a baby? I love those drinks.  And if you say you don’t, you’re lying.  
tropical low calorie cocktail with only 3 ingredients!
 But usually those drinks are like a million calories.  And hello!  Summer is basically here.  Those tropical drinks are not helping me get a bikini body. (of course, neither are any of these recipes…) 
tropical low calorie cocktail with only 3 ingredients!
But that’s when I had my epiphany! Melissa turned me on to the coconut flavor of La Croix a while ago.  I had a full box of them in my fridge when it hit me: Why couldn’t I just add some pineapple flavored vodka and a squeeze of lime for a super low calorie tropical treat?  Guess what? I could! And I did! And guys- It’s sooooooo delicious! Husband approved and everything.  Go out there and bring the beach to your kitchen without feeling a shred of guilt about the calories.

Tropical Low Calorie Cocktail

  • Pineapple vodka
  • Coconut flavored La Croix sparkling water
  • squeeze of lime juice

Voila! That’s it! Pour on ice and enjoy. ♥