I love watching movies.  It is something that I remember doing as a family. At the time renting movies from Blockbuster was a big deal (for those of you who are too young to remember, it was the Redbox of the 90s and Netflix *GASP* didn’t exist).

One of my most favorite memories was from my mom renting classic movies from the library. As a child she made sure we were brought up on a range of movies, new and old.

We fell in love along side Gene Kelly in ‘Singing in the Rain’ and danced along side him in ‘An American in Paris’, We solved crimes with Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’ and ‘Rear Window’ and then were whisked off to the South in ‘Gone With The Wind’.

It seemed as if these movies spoke to me. They were so much more than just a classic movie. They were masterpieces that took you places, storylines that have stood the test of time.

In an effort to appreciate the classics we took our shot at recreating the nostalgia and hosted a classic night at the movies. What isn’t seen in the movies is reality. With 99 degree weather,  breaking in to our own garage to get the projector screen and outdoor lights that did not work. (Seriously, when you buy and string 240+ feet of lights and at the moment you are expecting them to come on and to look amazing and they don’t work….Needless to say it is pretty devastating, but life goes on) We finally were able to get our evening off to the right start.

We watched “Charade” with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Which was nominated by one of our lovely followers on Instagram.

We hope you enjoy and are inspired to create your own ‘Classic Movie Night’ at home.

Classic Movie Night

Here we used wire cable to attach our outdoor lights to suspend above our outdoor movie theater.

Classic Movie Night
Setting up the Food and Drink Station…
Classic Movie Night
Classic Movie Night
Classic Movie Night - Candy Station

Candy Station for access during the movie…

Classic Movie Night

Accompanied we had a Nacho and Popcorn Bar, Sweet and Savory Toppings…

A Special Cocktail for the Evening (Find the Recipe, Here.)

Thank you for joining us!

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