Finding a hard time finding the positive today? Needing some change? That was me a couple weeks ago. All the way. I was run down, tired, achy and just unmotivated. Sound familiar

I sat down and took an honest look. Maybe it’s been because we have been so busy, or I am not getting enough rest or me time, maybe it’s because summer is slowly fading to fall and I am in a slump (although this being my favorite season). Either way I needed to make some uplifting changes before winter set in.

What worked for me

  1. To start off I began with good rest. No more late nite tv show binge watching (Stranger Things, I still love you) and keeping the bedroom free of electronics
  2. I learned to pace myself, and say no if needed and to allow myself to not feel guilty.
  3. Diet Overhaul. I tried this way of eating after good things I had heard and some positive motivation. 
  4. To make life fun and interesting I also tried out some new beauty regiments. . .Since I am “ridding” my body of toxins lately I choose to try out the Charcoal Paper Mask and Charcoal Nose Strip. To help detoxify my skin. Lovely items. (Look out for more info about these in Products We Love! Coming SOON!)
  5.  Treat Yo Self. Since I am on day 12 of the Whole 30. I had to remember that after a hard day to re-learn how to unwind without comfort food or a wine glass (bottle) in my hand. So I searched for ways to take care of and pamper myself. So, off I went to get a mani/pedi. Luxury! 
  6. I also have been working on making my shower more of a luxury less like work and more like a morning at the spa (We all take that time for granted!) so I added this DIY (must read, she is hilarious) and plan on following more of this and this in my life. 

Feeling a bit run down, tired and uninspired today? Hopefully this post gave you the feeling that at times we all get there. It’s what we do from that point on that really matters.