Seems with the weather lately that Summer is upon us and have we found a summer favorite for you.

Being a Gin and Tonic girl myself I have always dreamed of other summer cocktails to enjoy. I would try one and after slaving away making complicated ingredients or searching my local stores for the “simple” ingredients I needed it just became easier to return to the old hum drum option.

That was until I stumbled upon a new twist to an old classic.

Dear reader. . .meet our Lemon Thyme Vodka Tonic.

She is happy to meet you too.

Try this recipe out, support local and enjoy summer!

Lemon Thyme Vodka Tonic

(Makes 1 Cocktail)

88 New Deal Distillery Vodka (or use your favorite local vodka)

1 Teaspoon Fresh Thyme, Additional Sprig (Garnish)

1-2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemon Peel (For Garnish)



1. Muddle Thyme & Lemon Peel in Highball Glass.

2. Add Ice.

3.Pour Vodka Over Ice, To Chill.

4. Pour Lemon Juice Over Vodka, Depending on Tartness, As Desired.

5. Add Tonic.

6. Give Cocktail a Little Swirl with a Swizzle Stick.

Sip & Relax.