As I sit here writing this post I can’t help but notice how badly in need of a manicure my nails are. The irony is real folks.  Maybe your nails are in need of some love too.  Well here are some images to inspire us both.  10 manicure ideas. For fall, of course!

  1. Burgundy for fall?
    10 inspirational manicures for fall


















2.  Speaking of burgundy, here are is something that kicks the basic burgundy up a notch. Love the half moon.














3.   Maybe you’re over the half moon.  So try a v instead. 














4. Or go ombre. 


















5. Or maybe instead of an ombre nail do an ombre hand. 

















6.  Grey is cool but so is blue. 















7. Matt + Metallic = ♥















8. Feeling artistic? Channel your inner Picasso. 














9. Geometric inspo.










10. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. 























What trends have you been loving lately? Let us know!


All images via Pinterest