Welcome to Gold Dipped Chaos!  Our blog is the result of two friends with way too many ideas.

Heather has a background in makeup.  She grew up in Portland, OR and worked as a makeup artist for over 10 years.  She loves the city she grew up in, a good eyebrow and small dogs.  


Melissa grew up in California and moved around a bit (New Mexico to New York) before settling in Portland.  She has a background in party planning and basically kicking butt.  She loves creating a pretty place setting, experimenting with recipes and can’t choose between cats and dogs.  

Here at Gold Dipped Chaos expect us to share with you our take on what makes life shine.  We will share recipes, DIY projects, beauty tips, style ideas and our favorite places in Portland. (All on a budget!)  Most of the time Melissa is behind the scenes as our photographer and the one who keeps us organized.  Sometimes Heather will be featured in the beauty and style posts but we will also rotate in some of our friends with amazing style because looking at just one person can get old!  Oh, and did we mention we don’t take ourselves too seriously?  Seriously.  

Stick around a while! We are sure you will find something you like.