Meet Rosanne. 

Rosanne works in my office.  Her work description includes being an office manager, graphic designer, life saver and all around hilarious and wonderful person.  (if her resume doesn’t say “life saver all around hilarious and wonderful person” it really should.)

Something else you should know about Rosanne:  She is 34 years old and has never had her hair colored in her entire life. WHAT!?!?  I know. I was as shocked as you.  I was so shocked that the next time I sat down to get my hair done it was fresh in my mind and I had to tell my hair stylist.  Well, my hair stylist, Jaclyn, (who also happens to be my sister-in-law) couldn’t believe it.  I mean, really could not believe it.  And then she suggested the best thing.  A makeover! For the blog! “Who doesn’t like a good makeover?”, Jaclyn said.  And let’s face it. She is so right.  

Rosanne, being the great sport that she is agreed to our plan.  Jaclyn would do her hair and our go-to makeup artist, Olivia,  would give her a quick and easy 5 minute makeup look.  

I picked up Rosanne and we headed out to Jaclyn’s salon, Tousled,  in West Linn.  It’s a little bit of a drive if you live in Portland, but totally worth it! The salon is beyond adorable and the girls that work there are all super talented and friendly.  

Tousled Salon in West Linn Oregon

Rosanne decided she didn’t want anything too dramatic for her first hair color.  She just wanted to cover some of the gray hairs that had started to show up and maybe give a little richness to her already pretty brown color.  Here she is showing Jaclyn pictures of her hair inspo, Alexa Chung

And so began the process!  Jaclyn put a really rich beautiful brown color in her hair and also added a little balayage for really natural looking highlights.  Jaclyn used a technique I had never seen before (use it on me next time please!!!) where she put these sticky sugar strips on the hair and the random pieces that stick to it get the highlights.  The sugar on the strips and in the hair disintegrate in the water when you wash out the color. Genius! Here is what they look like…

That Jaclyn. Always on top of the latest techniques!  Seriously, though.  I’m so happy she is in my life. My hair would be an absolute disaster without her.  Also, I wouldn’t have the world’s cutest nephew… But I digress… 

While Jaclyn did her thing I took a few photos inside the salon.  She keeps it looking so cute.  Every time I go in there I leave with new ideas for my apartment.  For instance, these gold shelves are an Ikea hack.  They were black and she spray painted them gold. 

These shelves she made using old picture frames…

Tousled Salon in West Linn

Tousled Salon in West Linn Oregon
The hair was finally finished, I resisted buying a cute necklace, and we headed towards Nordstrom to meet up with the one and only Olivia Hawthorne.  Olivia was working that day for Charlotte Tilbury.  It’s a really fun makeup line with beautiful products.  
Olivia Hawthorne Makeup Artist

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup at Nordstrom

It was important that the makeup was easy and quick to apply. Rosanne has to be up early and doesn’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. (like most women!) Olivia used a lightweight foundation that is almost like a tinted moisturizer to give the skin a dewy look.  She then used a contour palette to give her cheekbones a little dimension.  On top of that a pop of color right on the apples of the cheeks.  A light shimmery bronze color on the eyes. Mascara. And to finish it off a beautiful peach on the lips.  
Olivia Hawthorne Makeup Artist

Are you ready for the big reveal???  Drum roll please.  Here is the very lovely Rosanne.
makeover monday with Gold DIpped Chaos

Doesn’t she look gorgeous!?
Can you believe the before and after?!
Makeover Monday with Gold DIpped Chaos

Well, we hope you like this Makeover Monday. What do you think? Would you like to see another? Let us know in the comments!