Eyebrows make such a big difference.  I’ve heard it said they account for 70% of our face.  I’m not really sure exactly what that means, but it sounds impactful.  Haha! Bottom line is: well groomed and full brows can pull the whole face together.  (and make your eyes look bigger. see below.)
Eyebrow tutorial

For many women all that means is they need to get their thick brows tamed.  But for women like me who are just born with naturally sparse brows (or went a little wild with the tweezers and learned the hard way those hairs don’t grow back) it means filling your eyebrows in.

And filling in your eyebrows can be scary!! Visions of grandmas with harsh dark brown marker lines over their eyes may fill your mind.  The last thing you want is for people to know you fill in your brows, right?  It should just look like you woke up with them.  Follow the steps below and I promise you’ll get perfectly shaped brows every time.

First: Select a good brow pencil.  Personally, I feel this is a makeup product to splurge on.  I’ve tried many drugstore eyebrow pencils and they always disappoint.

A few I love:

  1. MAC mechanical brow pencil. Pros: It is self sharpened and the colors are fantastic. At the low end of the price range for department stores-$16.50. Cons: You can’t get tell when it’s running out and it doesn’t come with a brush to soften the strokes.
  2. Laura Mercier eye brow pencil. Pros: Fantastic color options.  Comes with brush and sharpener.  Cons: The pigment isn’t as rich as it used to be, but only those that used the original pencil would notice.  Other than that I truly can’t think of a con.
  3. Bobbi Brown eye brow pencil. Pros: Great colors. Excellent pigment. Comes with sharpener. Cons: Does not come with brush. At the high end of the price range at $24.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills “Perfect” brow pencil.  Pros: Great pigment. Comes with sharpener and brush. Knowing you use the same product as Oprah. Cons: $23 isn’t cheap. Knowing you use the same product as Oprah.

Ok, now you have the right brow pencil.  Next, measure out where your eyebrow should go.  Use the handy dandy guide I made below:

Using soft, short strokes gently fill in your brows.  From point A to point B it should be a gradual, strait incline. (no McDonald’s arches here!!!) From point B to point C it should gradually taper to a point in a decline.  Whether you prefer your brow slightly rounded, or more structured, it should look natural and complement your face if you follow these guidelines.

I hope this helped!!! What are your favorite brow products?