My dear friend was visiting from Peru and before you knew it, she was officially engaged.  She was planning a marriage here in Oregon when suddenly the decision was made: they were heading back to Peru for a destination wedding. What at first was going to be a couple months to plan and host a personal shower became a fast track plan to throw a shower in three weeks.  

Ever been in this situation? Someone asks, you say YES! Challenge accepted, then comes the flood of questions, the hosting remorse, and before you know it you’re overwhelmed and exhausted before you even started! Well fear not. Let me guide you on how to throw a last minute shower without losing your mind. 

The first thing I always start with is brainstorming (and of course Pinterest). So I stared with Who, Where, What and When. 


This of course is a great way to start. As this is a shower of a personal nature I made sure she invited those she felt most comfortable with and then I called and texted each person individually. Once you have gotten an idea of how many people you will be hosting this brings you to where.


I have recently jumped on the bandwagon of location location location. I did not have the time (neither did money suddenly fall from the sky) to rent a space. I called around to a few locations that I know Jen would like. Most locations have a set Food and Drink quota that you have to meet to rent a room. I found a place that was rent fee free and allowed us to not only use the back space, but allowed us to bring in some personalized items, gifts and dessert and all without a cap to use the room. Be sure to check this place out they rock!


I quickly narrowed down what I would serve, and, with some of the money I saved on the space I made take-home s’more favors to personalize the space and bought flowers at a local grocer with a bomb floral department that will also assist in making arrangements. Keeping it simple I served two desserts. Jen is gluten free so I made sure that I had a delicious option for her and then another for all others who were not gluten intolerant. 


I picked a Friday night and location that offered Happy Hour. This made it possible for everyone to buy cocktails and nibbles without breaking the pocket book. Win-Win-Win again. 

So with the guest list in mind, location, time and date settled I obtained cell phone numbers. Then I did (to the 50’s host’s horror) the unspeakable, which in our day and age works just fine, I texted each individual lady with an “electronic” invitation.

This made it easy and quick to get a true list to begin planning how many favors and quantity of desserts in mind. Finally, I called the location the week of and gave them the final number of how many we would have.

I hope that in some way this small guide can help you plan a quick, easy yet personalized shower for your Bride-to-Be.


Easy Personal Shower
Easy Personal Shower
Easy Personal Shower

Easy Personal Shower

Easy Personal Shower

Easy Personal Shower Shopping list:

  • Butcher paper 
  • Flowers 
  • Mason Jar 
  • Pre-made desserts (Lemon Tart and Flourless Chocolate Cake – Gluten Free)
  • Blueberries 
  • Whisky sauce 

Take Home S’more Kit Shopping List

  • Homemade Whiskey Vanilla Marshmallows (Recipe Coming Soon!) 
  • Chocolate Bars 
  • Graham Crackers ( Regular and Gluten Free)   
  • Gift Tags 
  • Cellophane Gift Bags
  • Matches
  • Twine

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