To pin point exactly when my love affair with coffee began would be difficult.  I can tell you that by the time I was driving to high school on my own I would stop by Starbucks in the morning and use my parent’s emergency debit card they let me keep to pay for it.  Let’s just say that didn’t end well. 

 Fortunately my loving parents did eventually forgive me. (although I’m pretty sure if you brought it up to my dad today, some old feelings of anger would surface. Hey! at least I wasn’t using it to buy alcohol, right?) 
Pour over coffee at Coava coffee in Portland Oregon
 Back to present day.  My love of coffee has only increased over time.  And you could say, so has my appreciation for what a good cup tastes like.   I now will only go to Starbucks as a last case scenario. (not to slam Starbucks! But why go to McDonalds when you can get a gourmet burger for the same price down the street? am I right?)  Well if you want a great cup of coffee in the city of Portland the choices are endless.  There are soooooo many amazing coffee shops.  Why start with this one?
grabbing some coffee in Portland Oregon
 I’ll tell you why.  But can we stop and talk about what an amazing top knot Melissa is rocking? Ok good. Now back to coffee. 
some of the best coffee in Portland Oregon. Click to find out where!

Jerry Seinfeld.  Yep, you heard me.  If this coffee shop (which, by the way, Jerry, if you’re reading- my husband introduced me to this place first) is good enough for Jerry to film his show at then it’s ding-dang good enough for me! It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t know about the filming of the episode or I would have caused quite the scene.  I mean, two amazing comedians getting coffee at a place I love? How could I possibly stay away??? Yeah, it’s a good thing I found out about this after the fact. 

Enough about Jerry.  This coffee shop is really cool.  Unlike many coffee shops in Portland you wont get served a side of pretentious hipster attitude with your drink.  And the location on Grand ave shares it’s space with a woodworking company.  So, if you’re in Portland and want to experience the ultimate cup of joe I highly recommend Coava Coffee.  There are currently two locations

Maybe we’ll see you there. 🙂