My Week Driving A Prius Prime

About a month ago Toyota reached out to us and asked if we would like to drive the all new Prius Prime for a week and blog about it.  Sounded like fun to me!  So here I am telling you all about it. 

The Prius Prime is unique to the Prius family.  Although it is still a hybrid, it also has the capability to be 100% electric.  A full battery can get you a distance of 25 miles.  Not super impressive, but if you only drive it in the city, still very practical.  And it is built to be the most efficient hybrid out there.  I was excited to drive it because, as a real estate agent, I live out of my car. Without further ado, I give you my week…

Day 1.  The car is supposed to be dropped off at 1 pm but I find myself waiting and waiting…. The night before, I had gone with a friend to a Prius Prime meet and greet to learn about the vehicle.  We got to look at the car in person.  The one they had on display was a light pearl-silvery color.  So, I was a bit surprised when they (FINALLY) showed up to my apartment with the car in a bright blue. I believe the official name of the color is blue magnetism.  All I can think is blue steel. 

my week driving a Prius Prime

Blue Magnetism covered in ice.

Since the car took so long to get to me (not Toyota’s fault they use a company to deliver the car) my afternoon was thrown off.  So, I didn’t get to drive it around very far that day.  I drove to my office where a co-worker immediately says, “who’s new Prius???”.  To which, I reply, “mine! …well, sort of…it’s a loaner.”  He replies, “So, I can make fun of the color??!!”  HA!  Blue Magnetism strikes. 

Day 1 began with 50 miles on the odometer a full tank of gas and almost a full charge. 

Day 2.  I’m so excited to drive the car around!  First of all, my little Mazda is dying a slow death.  The air conditioning hasn’t worked for 2 summers now.  It makes a weird clinking sound.  The check engine light flashes at me occasionally even though I strenuously work to keep the oil changed and full.  So, to say my week driving a Prius Prime was an upgrade seems like an understatement.

I drive it all around town! I meet with friends in the morning.  Then, clients in the afternoon and run some errands.  That evening friends have my husband and I over for dinner.  They live out in Happy Valley but the drive doesn’t feel far because I haven’t made a dent in the gas and the drive is so smooth.  A girl could get used to this. 

Day 3.  My day begins with meeting clients at a house.  I love that when I get into the car I can put the address into the GIANT multi-media display and the car tells me where to go.  You may think that when I say GIANT display I’m exaggerating.  Well, I’m not.  It’s like having an I-Pad on the dash.  Seriously, I wondered if I could watch a movie on that thing.  The navigation system is super helpful for my job- as I don’t always know the quickest way to get to an address.  And, I like that the car tells me where to go and shows me where to go. There is a small projection from the dash to the windshield that only the driver can see that always tells me my current speed, at times the speed limit and an arrow showing me which way I need to turn next to get to my destination.  

The day is winding down and I need groceries.  My husband jumps in the car with me and we head to the store. I’m excited because I really want to plug the car in and my local Fred Meyer has a charging station.  (Since I live in an apartment building there is no where for me to plug the car in.  Normally, one would just use an outlet in their garage.  And, yes.  I see the irony that I rent an apartment and work as a real estate agent)  We get to the parking lot of Fred Meyer and I pull into one of the charging spots.  However, the charger wont reach the car so I need to back the car into the spot. 

The Prius Prime has a rear camera.  Why do I find the rear camera so confusing?? I end up parking the car all wonky and my husband can barely stand it.  I try once again but use only my mirrors and I park it correctly.  (I guess I’m old school!)  We get out to charge the car and discover we need a Blink account.  Ugh! No charge today.  

Day 4.  Jury duty.  I have to be at the courthouse before 8 am.  I leave my apartment at 7:15 and make it downtown in about 10 minutes (thanks to the efficient directions from my car’s navigation system).  I pull into a parking garage and see a sign that says charging station on level 8.  I’m so excited because I will be at the courthouse all day- the perfect situation to get a full charge!!!  When I finally make it to level 8 of the garage I see it’s a Blink station.  Again.  I need an account.  Ughhhh!!!!

Side note- something really funny happened at jury duty that day. Check out my little snapchat video… 

Day 5.  Second day of jury duty.  We get released early.  It’s like getting out of high school detention early! Yay!!!  I call my husband from my car to tell him the good news.  Hands-free calling is another bonus I get with this car that I don’t have with my own.  It makes my job much easier.  

I am aware that my week is coming to an end soon.  I create a guest Blink account and head back to my local Fred Meyer.  I park the car (less embarrassingly) and get out to charge the car.  The man in the car next to mine gets out and begins talking to me. “Oh the new Prius Prime! Nice! Have you charged it yet? Does it have the quick charge? You’d be surprised how far these chargers reach. Yeah, if we were in Japan you’d have the quick charge.  Do you have a Blink account? Did you download the app? Open the app and I’ll show you how it works! Click on the arrow! See? That’s where we are. Now touch the Blink screen. Ugh oh. It’s not working? Yeah.  That’s the problem with the Blink stations…” I barely get a word in. I find out he is on some sort of board of electric vehicles. No surprise here.  I am unable to charge the car. Again. 

Day 6.  I don’t have to show houses till the evening so my afternoon is free.  Husband calls to ask if I want to meet for lunch.  Yes, please!  He ends up coming home and we drive to Pho together.  He asks how I like the car.  “I love it!”  Husband asks if it has the parallel parking feature where it parks for you.  “Yes, but I’ve been scared to try it!”  He convinces me to try it.  So, I pull onto a side street and find a spot in between cars that seems large enough to not scare me.  I push the button and the car prompts me to pull forward as it measures the distance.  Then it starts to park the car.  It whips into the spot AND UP ONTO THE CURB! I totally freak! Never using that feature again. 

I show houses that night and take advantage of every amenity I can.  I make phone calls from the car.  Seat heater on.  Navigation system gets me to all the houses on my list.  I switch between my preset music stations and turn the sound up when I hear a song I love.   The car is the perfect temperature because I have it set to a balmy 78.  Ahhhh do I really have to say goodbye to this car tomorrow? 

Day 7. The company that was 2 and half hours late delivering the car ends up ironically being an hour EARLY picking the car up.  I check the odometer.  273 miles. Guess what?  I didn’t even use up half a tank of gas.  And that was without ever charging the car! 

I’m thinking my next car will be a Prius Prime

North by Northwest Cocktail

This warming cocktail we decided to name after a cinematic masterpiece from one of my all time favorite directors.  Hailing from where we live in the Pacific Northwest it only seemed fitting.  Meet our newest lady the North by Northwest Cocktail and she shines with some interesting flavors on the palette it leaves you intrigued.

After our most recent trip I was inspired once again to create a cocktail that embodied winter here in the PNW. 

We hope you enjoy our newest addition to the cocktail archives.  

North by Northwest Cocktail

North by Northwest CocktailNorth by Northwest Cocktail

Get the recipe here!

North by Northwest Cocktail

Using local ingredients from Ransom, BG Reynolds and Red Ridge Farms  we created this light yet warming cocktail.  Enjoy! 

  • Prep Time: 5m
  • Total Time: 5m
  • Serves: 1
  • Yield: 1 Cocktail
  • Category:


  • 2 ounces Old Tom Gin
  • 1 ounce Dry Vermouth
  • 1/2 ounce Aperö Fig Apértif Vinegar
  • 1/2 ounce Cinnamon Syrup
  • Smoked Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Ice


  1. In two separate dishes place honey and cinnamon.
  2. Dip cocktail glass in honey and then cinnamon, tap glass and allow to set while drink is mixed.
  3. Pour all ingredients in mixing glass, add ice and use swizzle spoon to chill and mix ingredients.
  4. Strain and pour chilled cocktail into coupe glass. (Note: At this point you can add more ice if desired.)

A special thanks to Red Ridge, Ransom and BG Reynolds for making such fantastic ingredients. 


4 Tips for Easy French Entertaining

We know the word easy and french are rarely used in the same sentence but hear us out. Here we love making something look elegant but without the stress, anxiety and debt that comes along with parties at times. Don’t believe us check out our post Easy Personal Shower where we show you when you have a party to put on do not panic! 

Here is another look at how to throw an event which can go either for a Personal, Baby Shower or transition even into a fun night with the girls.  Read More

The Vintages Trailer Park outside Portland Oregon

Stay at The Vintages

Why stay at The Vintages Trailer Resort?

According to The Vintage’s website About Us section, “The Vintages Trailer Resort is centrally located in the heart of the Willamette Valley halfway between Dundee and Historic Downtown McMinnville”. In a charming section of gorgeous real estate you can enjoy the effect of “camping” without the hassle of setting it all up yourself. Glamping at it’s finest. 

Read More

Creative Vibes

The thing we love most about blogging is meeting and working with some of the finest creatives around. We have had the chance to collaborate on some exciting projects and hold some amazing giveaways.

Now we have the chance to share one of our greatest benefits! 

I am sure you have noticed by now but Gold Dipped Chaos has gotten a face lift. . .a little freshening up for the Season. We had the pleasure of working with Anastasia Gentry a creative that hails from Ohio and is all kinds of amazing. If you have not had the chance to be properly introduced allow us to introduce you . . .

Here is some of her most recent work. 




Isn’t she just amazing? But she doesn’t just create photos that give you all the feels she also dabbles in graphic design and branding as well. 

Here is where we get to introduce you up close and personally to our newest look! Tell us what you think?gold-dipped-chaos_final-files-logo


It figures someone as talented as this isn’t limited to photography, am I right?  If you have not had the chance check out our new digs. . . Lovely isn’t it? We are so excited to share this with you! 

Tell us what you think and be sure to check out more of her work on her website where she shares some of the neatest tips , blog posts and also be sure to make friends with her on Facebook  and Instagram .

If you feel like getting to know her more give her a shout by visiting her Contact Form here!

Thanks for reading! 

M + H 

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

Fall time is officially here!  Fall Transition here in Oregon is absolutely breathtaking. Last year we were a bit cheated we went pretty much from Summer to Winter. So I was happy to get some Fall crisp days before the rain set in. I know with this season it’s going to mean months of drizzle and gloom but what better way to spend the time then cozied up with wine Cocoa and your favorite DIY. I mean Fall is my favorite and I have always admired it and all that it brings, so celebrate with me! Bring it on Sweater Weather! Buy all the Booties, Immerse yourself in Pumpkin Spice everythang, and eat all the pies. (Thanks Whole30 now I have this otherworldly desire for pies). 

We had the pleasure of teaming up with Lady Boss’ over at Labor of Love Co. and tried out one of the easiest and rewarding DIYs that we are sure you will love for the season! In line with our most recent post about some of our favorite candles for the season. Now you have a chance to get in on the fun.

Introducing the Soy Candle Kits! Check them out online and other fun goodies that Labor of Love Co. has in thier DIY Kits. 

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

But we are not the only ones that get to have all the fun. You get a chance! Enter below for our Fall time giveaway with Labor of Love Co. 

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

We hope that you enjoy the rest of fall and wish you all the very best in this Giveaway! Also be sure to follow Labor of Love on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter!

Enter Here!

Thanks for reading! 


Love Reigns Here

I am in love with Love. Have you ever stopped in your tracks to watch an older couple so blissfully happy, walking hand in hand, the only two people in the universe at that moment in time? Or when you ask someone about their significant other and they get that twinkle in their eye gushing about how they met or fell in love? Epic. 

Love Reigns Here

Since we have been blogging I have been given the privilege to shoot a few engagement sessions and weddings and I have realized that is my home away from home. Granted there are some stresses that come with the territory, but, I have come to realize I have an obsession with love. 

One of my most favorite things to ask a couple when I am shooting is when they knew. That this one was IT for them. The epic aha! moment . . .for a fleeting few seconds you see them think back and they almost always smile. . .Oh it’s perfection.

Now for something close to home on Labor Day my little sister had the best day (so far) of her life. A day spent sailing in Santa Barbara, California. With a few friends and her boyfriend.

Love Reigns Here

Love Reigns Here

I mean who wouldn’t think that was romantic. But what my sister was blissfully unaware of was that a small group of our closest friends were waiting on Stearns Wharf with a sign reading. . .

Love Reigns Here

But let’s rewind. To the date exactly how these two lovebirds met. 

How did you two meet? 

Jessica:  “We met during the Santa Barbara Art Night we chatted over dinner and I thought he was really nice.”

How Did you Know?

Johny:  “Once I saw how she was with my family and how she most importantly interacted with my mom. I realized she was the one for me.”

Jessica: “At first I noticed his communication 🙂 He was different in that he was open, caring, generous. He truly loves my mom.

Then when I got to know his friends, and the stories they told me about how much he has grown, it really impressed me. He gets along with all ages. And most importantly he takes care of me and thinks about all the things i don’t think about.  I think he balances me out when it comes to worries.

I love his family and this past weekend (after the engagement) meeting more of his family they have made me feel so welcome and a part of the family already.”

So let’s move on the the exciting part. . . Johnny decided to surprise Jessica after sailing that morning in beautiful Santa Barbara and ask for her hand once they arrived in the harbor. The setup was perfect. Keeping her distracted was the hardest part but it all paid off to see this reaction. 

Love Reigns Here

Love Reigns Here

” I turned around and he was on one knee, immediately I said YES!…Johnny said, ‘I haven’t even (officially) asked you yet!’ ” 

“Well the sign implied it,” Jess told me. Can’t deny this is the sweetest pic ever. 

Love Reigns Here

Love Reigns Here

Thumbs up dude. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on your most special day. 

Love Reigns Here

Thank you for reading. Make sure you tell your significant other today that you care for them. Time is too short to not let them know how much you love and care for them. 


Look out for our next installation on love and meet up with the lovely ladies of The English Department. 


Quote & Art : Lark & Linen

Photography: Little Eedy 

Me + You


Finding a hard time finding the positive today? Needing some change? That was me a couple weeks ago. All the way. I was run down, tired, achy and just unmotivated. Sound familiar

Me + You

I sat down and took an honest look. Maybe it’s been because we have been so busy, or I am not getting enough rest or me time, maybe it’s because summer is slowly fading to fall and I am in a slump (although this being my favorite season). Either way I needed to make some uplifting changes before winter set in.

What worked for me

  1. To start off I began with good rest. No more late nite tv show binge watching (Stranger Things, I still love you) and keeping the bedroom free of electronics
  2. I learned to pace myself, and say no if needed and to allow myself to not feel guilty.
  3. Diet Overhaul. I tried this way of eating after good things I had heard and some positive motivation. 
  4. To make life fun and interesting I also tried out some new beauty regiments. . .Since I am “ridding” my body of toxins lately I choose to try out the Charcoal Paper Mask and Charcoal Nose Strip. To help detoxify my skin. Lovely items. (Look out for more info about these in Products We Love! Coming SOON!)
  5.  Treat Yo Self. Since I am on day 12 of the Whole 30. I had to remember that after a hard day to re-learn how to unwind without comfort food or a wine glass (bottle) in my hand. So I searched for ways to take care of and pamper myself. So, off I went to get a mani/pedi. Luxury! 
  6. I also have been working on making my shower more of a luxury less like work and more like a morning at the spa (We all take that time for granted!) so I added this DIY (must read, she is hilarious) and plan on following more of this and this in my life. 

Feeling a bit run down, tired and uninspired today? Hopefully this post gave you the feeling that at times we all get there. It’s what we do from that point on that really matters. 


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