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Wax On. Wax Off.

When Shannon, owner of Urban Waxx, first reached out to us we jumped at the chance to meet up. We gabbed over coffee (not Mimosa’s this time) and we learned how she built this female owned empire.

In 2007, Shannon moved here from New Jersey with a dream. Bringing smoothness to the world and inspiring inner beauty. Believe me just follow her IG feed.  It’s golden. Since then this #girlboss has quickly grown into not one but 7 locations, find yours here

Not to mention the shops are decorated so beautifully and did I mention mimosas? Yep you read that right, Pamper city!

While you wait you can sip on mimosas and if that doesn’t get you they even offer loyalty rewards! I have and always will be a fan of these ladies and hope you will too. 

Still have some questions? Read FAQs here! 

Show them some love and see what new exciting things they are up to. Like new locations popping up, read all about the newest addition to the team here!

Want to email a specific location? We have you covered! 

NW Portland:

and now introducing Hazel Dell

Check them out and, book your next appointment here! 

Want to love Urban Waxx more? Watch here

X’s & O’s 

Creative Vibes

The thing we love most about blogging is meeting and working with some of the finest creatives around. We have had the chance to collaborate on some exciting projects and hold some amazing giveaways.

Now we have the chance to share one of our greatest benefits! 

I am sure you have noticed by now but Gold Dipped Chaos has gotten a face lift. . .a little freshening up for the Season. We had the pleasure of working with Anastasia Gentry a creative that hails from Ohio and is all kinds of amazing. If you have not had the chance to be properly introduced allow us to introduce you . . .

Here is some of her most recent work.


Isn’t she just amazing? But she doesn’t just create photos that give you all the feels she also dabbles in graphic design and branding as well. 

Here is where we get to introduce you up close and personally to our newest look! Tell us what you think?gold-dipped-chaos_final-files-logo


It figures someone as talented as this isn’t limited to photography, am I right?  If you have not had the chance check out our new digs. . . Lovely isn’t it? We are so excited to share this with you! 

Tell us what you think and be sure to check out more of her work on her website where she shares some of the neatest tips , blog posts and also be sure to make friends with her on Facebook  and Instagram .

If you feel like getting to know her more give her a shout by visiting her Contact Form here!

Thanks for reading! 

M + H 

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

Fall time is officially here!  Fall Transition here in Oregon is absolutely breathtaking. Last year we were a bit cheated we went pretty much from Summer to Winter. So I was happy to get some Fall crisp days before the rain set in. I know with this season it’s going to mean months of drizzle and gloom but what better way to spend the time then cozied up with wine Cocoa and your favorite DIY. I mean Fall is my favorite and I have always admired it and all that it brings, so celebrate with me! Bring it on Sweater Weather! Buy all the Booties, Immerse yourself in Pumpkin Spice everythang, and eat all the pies. (Thanks Whole30 now I have this otherworldly desire for pies). 

We had the pleasure of teaming up with Lady Boss’ over at Labor of Love Co. and tried out one of the easiest and rewarding DIYs that we are sure you will love for the season! In line with our most recent post about some of our favorite candles for the season. Now you have a chance to get in on the fun.

Introducing the Soy Candle Kits! Check them out online and other fun goodies that Labor of Love Co. has in thier DIY Kits. 

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

But we are not the only ones that get to have all the fun. You get a chance! Enter below for our Fall time giveaway with Labor of Love Co. 

Falltime is for DIYers and a Giveaway!

We hope that you enjoy the rest of fall and wish you all the very best in this Giveaway! Also be sure to follow Labor of Love on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter!

Enter Here!

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Summer Essentials

i love long romanticwalks

Oh man am I feeling these vibes this week. After almost a week packing, moving and oh yes unpacking (hopefully the last time until I die) I needed some genuine TLC. My face and body were defiantly exhibiting signs of surrender. So, Here are some essentials that saved me and will help you keep your summer clean and beautiful. 

  1. These making me feel so fresh and so clean clean (Ah, 2000 you were so good to us.)  seriously though if you have  sensitive skin, this is your friend. 
  2. I am obsessed with this! Makes me smell great and helps my curls
  3. Do we really need an excuse to do this
  4. Never thought I would cross over to the dark side, at least we smell super great.  
  5. This smells great and keeps my hair feeling fresh.
  6. Love this for those extra sunny days

Another Summer Favorite for our readers. You will Love it!



Makeup Products We Love!

Makeup Products We Love

  • Minimizing wrinkles as I sleep? Uh yes please!
  • A lip balm that heals overnight and smells like a bouquet of roses. This is heaven in a jar.
  • Your day taking a toll on the ol’ peepers? This repair serum are what dreams are made of. 
  • Believe me we all need a little help with our imperfections why not at least smell good while doing so.
  • Gorgeous versatile color palette that I now, cannot leave home without. 
  • Faint hints of coconut and coppertone? Good enough to eat and the smoothness makes for a dewy natural complexion. (Thanks to Fred Meyer bringing summer a little early!)

Check out this fabulous website an independent beauty site that specializes in hard-to-find brands and products founded and based out of Portland, Oregon, finding the best in beauty from around the world and supporting women entrepreneurs. 

What are some products you love? Have any tips to share? Include that in the comments.

Need more makeup inspiration check out our Pinterest page!

This is a sponsored blog post all thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own. 

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