Remember these? Now watch the transformation!

This adult grilled cheese trio had me quoting Julia Child, “You are the butter to my bread. . .”

These two were made for each other. It’s days like this testing out a new recipe isn’t half bad. Using What’s My Jam make ahead recipe you will have this dinner out in no time at all, with minimal effort.



Bacon Jam + Classic white cheddar


Raspberry Habanero + Brie


Tomato Jam + Gruyere 

 R E C I P E

(Serves 6-8)

Crusty Bread, Sliced

2-3 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter, Room Temperature

6-8 ounces White Cheddar

6-8 ounces Brie

6-8 Ounces Gruyere

1/2 Cup Bacon Jam

1/2 Cup Raspberry Habanero

1/2 Cup Tomato Jam


Start by heating pan over medium high heat.

Spread a thin amount of room temperature butter on outside of bread, set aside.

Slice cheese depending on amount desired (Side Note: Brie is a little difficult, scoop it out using a butter knife).

Spread a generous amount of jam inside each slice and layer with cheese as follows; White Cheddar with the Bacon Jam, Brie with Raspberry Habanero and Tomato Jam with Gruyere.

Place in grill (should sizzle) grill just until brown (about 2-3 minutes)

Flip and place lid on top just until brown (2-3 minutes)

Enjoy immediately!


Talk to your cheese expert at your local deli for recommendations as these were hand picked to compliment each handcrafted jam.

Surprise! Check back for another inspired treat from these fabulous jams that keep on giving.