Summer is all about the small moments and stopping to take out time to relax. No. Not just plopping on the couch and netflixing your heart out. . .I mean don’t get me wrong that IS nice too.

After moving to Portland we realized how gorgeous the summers are here (Cat is out of the bag Oregon. . .the world is catching on) it makes living through the rain bearable when you know that perfection is coming.  

Yet, after spending the last 3 weeks of this gorgeous weather moving and cleaning and being stuck indoors we decided enough was enough. We surrender. Let the sunshine and birds singing outside overtake me! 

So we took the afternoon off and enjoyed an easy yet delicious impromptu picnic in our new front yard. Yep welcome to the neighborhood. And. . . What better way than to have a last minute picnic? Then popping open some delicious wine (or sparkling water for some) and enjoying the way life should be. 

Afternoon Relaxation

Granted I had a little help from my friends over at Whole Foods but you can copy this idea, keep it stored away, and boom! when your significant other least expects it. . . dazzle them with something that looks like you took hours. 

My gift to you. . .genius I tell you. So get yourself outside and enjoy soaking in our last few weeks of summer and sun.

Afternoon Relaxation
Summer Fruit Salad with Crunchy Granola

10-11 Sliced,  Strawberries 

1/2 Cup, Freeze Dried Mango Slices 

1/2 Cup, Freeze Dried Pineapple Tidbits 


Coconut Chia Granola 

Slice up Berries, Toss with Honey, Mango and Pineapple. Top with Granola. 

Yes. It’s that easy. 

Summer French Salad 

5-6 Sliced,  Fresh Radish 

3-4 Tablespoons, Cubed Butter (read all about it here

 Sea Salt 
 (Enjoyed this with Roasted & Salted Sunflower Seeds, Amaaaaaazing!) 
Slice Radishes, Cube Butter and Sprinkle Butter and Sea Salt on top.
 Voila. Done. 
Leave your comment below on what you love about summer and relaxing! 
Happy Summer!