Guess what lovely readers? There is a new hotel in Portland! It’s cool, hip and cozy and we had the privilege of staying there to test it out for you. Someone had to do it. You’re welcome.

The AC Hotels are a Marriott chain of smaller boutique hotels, and they have just opened one in Portland. Boutique hotels are different because they are typically smaller, stylish and more affordable.  Yes please! 

Our first stop was to get some food and drinks.  Because the hotel is small they do not have a full restaurant.  But they do have a full bar. (priorities. JK!) And you can order smaller eats at the bar.  Not enough for a full meal, but more substantial than a bowl of nuts.  And the bar is absolutely stunning!  The drinks were fabulous! The food delicious!  

AC Hotel Portland
AC Hotel Portland
After food and drinks we headed back to our rooms.  The rooms are minimalist yet luxurious.  And the beds are sooooo comfortable!  

A few notes about the room: Everything was clean and beautiful. However, don’t expect to have a nice soak in your tub because those don’t exist. Showers only.  Also, don’t think you can order room service because that also doesn’t exist either.  Of course, you can order anything you want at the bar and take it upstairs to your room.  I won’t judge if you’re in you pj’s.  

The next morning I headed down to grab breakfast.  A limited hot breakfast menu is available in their daytime restaurant.  But it was a little more than I would normally eat in the morning so I headed to the very cool coffee shop.  It’s hidden behind an amazing piece of art that opens up in the mornings to reveal a coffee bar.  The coffee bar serves up Water Ave coffee specially made for the hotel.  

AC Hotel Portland
The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful! If you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a staycation or for a place to recommend to friends and family heading to Portland, we recommend the AC Hotel! It’s conveniently located downtown on 3rd and Taylor.