I have always had a part of my heart that was fulfilled within Marie Antoinette’s love of decadence. Unfortunately, her life is marred with scandal and tragedy. When we first decided to throw a Marie Antoinette Party we had in mind a large party full of guests but as we thought more about it, and the direction we wanted to go, we thought, what would it be like spending a day with Marie? 

So we decided to shift our focus to just us enjoying a quiet shoot focusing more on the quieter life and decadence spent at the Petit Trianon located in Versailles. Thus began the brainstorming! The planning! And the decision to bring on a few more creatives to help make our dream a reality. 
Ever wonder what happens when a bunch of creative geniuses get in one room? Magic. That’s what happens. We are honored to have met some of the most innovative, kind and talented people.  And even more honored to have them help us with this shoot.  We can only describe what we came up with as the loveliest and dreamiest day we have ever spent. But we can only describe so much . . .we will let the pictures speak for themselves. 
A Day Spent with Marie
A Day Spent with Marie
Ever heard of organic floral design or foraged floral design? Feast your eyes. Juli foraged blossoms to create some of the most stunning floral arrangements I have ever seen. Created all from just a few inspiring pictures. 
Our table and floor were dressed with some of nature’s finest blooms and greenery. 
We asked our pottery artist (yes we have one of those), what was your vision when we came up with this theme?
Laura  told us she envisioned not just the style of the time period but who Marie was. What she ‘meant as a symbol’. Living an over the top plush kind of lifestyle while the country struggled.  We think it shows in her gorgeous hand crafted pottery. 
A Day Spent with Marie
These pieces embodied the similar extravagance that Marie lived with, with pops of Gold to push the idea of elegance and fortune. 
We couldn’t agree more, and what better to adorn this cake stand than a cake inspired from the Sofia Coppola rendition of Marie Antoinette ‘Shoes and Cake’ scene. Get the Recipe, Here
And the Macaroons?!? They were as delicious as they looked. (seriously, I think I ate my weight in them that day) Thank you Whole Foods! 
Now let’s talk about our gorgeous makeup.  Done by the one, the only, Olivia Hawthorne  she transformed each one of us into an Antionette vision. (Side note my makeup lasted all day in heat, setting up and throughout pictures). She is a master. 
We must applaud our talented hairstylist Rachel Greer. She is a true artist and her vision for our hair design was above and beyond all our expectations. She even accompanied each with a sprig of foraged blooms and sweet butterfly decor. 
And last but not least. Our photographer, our cheerleader, our set assistant and all around boss…Josh Chang. His attention to detail, capturing the shots (even when said client is particularly not photogenic…sign points to me) and creative eye was just what we needed to make this all possible. 
So, farewell summer, so long Marie, and hello to more life worth living and new parties to throw. 
Thanks for reading. . .Couldn’t get enough!?! See our Marie Antoinette Inspiration Board for more ideas. 
Thank you to all who worked with us and made this vision possible! 


Macaroons: Whole Foods 
Floral : Juli Gerigk  @ravenousdear 
Photography: The Construct Lens
Hairstylist: Rachel Greer @rmghairartistry
Makeup Artist: Olivia Hawthorne
Pottery: http: Laura Cambell
Olive Oil: Red Ridge