April 2017

DIY painting

DIY Artwork

I have a fun project to share with you today!

DIY painting

My bedroom has been a work in progress for years now.  It feels like it’s finally starting to come together.  One of the last things I have yet to tackle are the bare walls.  They need a little sprucing up. I have spent days trolling the internet for artwork I like.  And, although there is plenty out there, it’s very expensive- especially for a statement piece.  

DIY artwork

So, I headed to my local craft store and picked up supplies to make my own artwork.  I’m so happy with how it turned out I wanted to share with you.  All in all, the supplies cost me about $40.  


What you’ll need:

  • Canvas (got mine on sale at Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Gold Leaf Kit
  • Paint (I ran out of paint for this project and had to head back to the store to buy more, which pushed the cost of the project from about $30 to $40)
  • Brushes
  • Letter stickers
  • Gold paint for touch ups (you may or may not find this necessary)
  • measuring tape and a pencil

Begin by figuring out where you want your quote to be on the canvas.  I chose a quote that my husband and I say to each other often.  
DIY artworkMeasure out where the letters will go and mark it with a pencil.  Then, place the letters on the canvas to see exactly how much space they take up.  Mark the boundaries with a pencil. Use the measuring tape to make sure the quote is not crooked. 

DIY painting DIY artwork

Remove the letters and begin your gold leafing.  Gold Leaf only within the boundaries of the letters.  Follow the package directions.  Glue. Gold Leaf. Sealant.  Do not rush this process.  Allow the sealant to fully dry and be sure to do 2 coats.  This will protect it from the adhesive of the stickers.  (I did rush the process and only did one coat.  Sure enough, the stickers pulled up some of the gold leaf) 

DIY artwork

After the second coat of sealant has fully dried, apply your letters.
DIY artwork

Now the fun part. Paint! I knew I wanted my painting to be abstract (a decision that was made due to the fact that I have little to no artistic ability). The colors I chose were jewel tones since that’s the color family I want in my bedroom. And lastly, I knew I wanted the painting to go from dark to light. So, with an idea in mind, I began mixing colors and slapping the paint on.
DIY artwork

There is no right or wrong here. That’s the fun part! And, if you don’t like how it’s looking, then just wait for it to dry and paint over it.
DIY artwork

I had some gold leaf left over and wanted to incorporate it into the painting. So, I added flakes of it to the wet paint.

After the paint has fully dried it’s time to remove the stickers. Carefully peel off the letters one by one. A few of my stickers pulled up the gold leaf with them, so I used some gold paint to touch up where it was missing. The stickers also pulled some of the paint around the edges, but I liked how it made the letters look.

The finished product:

DIY artwork

DIY artwork

I love how it turned out! And I love that if I get sick of it I can just paint over it and create something entirely new! Just think of the possibilities! I was thinking a cute piece would be gold leaf, flamingo stickers and pink paint. …hmm…maybe I’ll have to do that next for my office!

AC Hotel Portland

AC Hotel Portland

Guess what lovely readers? There is a new hotel in Portland! It’s cool, hip and cozy and we had the privilege of staying there to test it out for you. Someone had to do it. You’re welcome.

The AC Hotels are a Marriott chain of smaller boutique hotels, and they have just opened one in Portland. Boutique hotels are different because they are typically smaller, stylish and more affordable.  Yes please! AC Hotel Portland

Our first stop was to get some food and drinks.  Because the hotel is small they do not have a full restaurant.  But they do have a full bar. (priorities. JK!) And you can order smaller eats at the bar.  Not enough for a full meal, but more substantial than a bowl of nuts.  And the bar is absolutely stunning!  The drinks were fabulous! The food delicious!  

AC Hotel PortlandAC Hotel PortlandAfter food and drinks we headed back to our rooms.  The rooms are minimalist yet luxurious.  And the beds are sooooo comfortable!  

AC Hotel PortlandA few notes about the room: Everything was clean and beautiful. However, don’t expect to have a nice soak in your tub because those don’t exist. Showers only.  Also, don’t think you can order room service because that also doesn’t exist either.  Of course, you can order anything you want at the bar and take it upstairs to your room.  I won’t judge if you’re in you pj’s.  

The next morning I headed down to grab breakfast.  A limited hot breakfast menu is available in their daytime restaurant.  But it was a little more than I would normally eat in the morning so I headed to the very cool coffee shop.  It’s hidden behind an amazing piece of art that opens up in the mornings to reveal a coffee bar.  The coffee bar serves up Water Ave coffee specially made for the hotel.  AC Hotel Portland
AC Hotel PortlandThe staff was incredibly friendly and helpful! If you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a staycation or for a place to recommend to friends and family heading to Portland, we recommend the AC Hotel! It’s conveniently located downtown on 3rd and Taylor.  

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