March 2016

Fresh Face for Spring

Fresh Face for Spring

Welcome to my first makeup post! Here I add the disclaimer I am not a makeup professional, so please be gentle. 

Growing up makeup wasn’t widely campaigned in our household. My mom rarely wore it and honestly besides one fateful afternoon of using my moms pastels (out of curiosity, I swear!) on my eyes I had no desire. 

It wasn’t until about 17 did I become remotely interested in wearing makeup. Even then it was a little eyeliner here, foundation there and maybe. . .just maybe mascara. But lip color. . .blush. . .eek! No way. What am I a stage performer?!

Big events would come along, I would have my makeup done at makeup counter in the mall and walk away slightly dazed and a bit battered. . .what just happened? 

Then came marriage and adulthood and finally after all this time of being blind I saw the light. The Sephora counter lights in fact. . . the beautifully packaged goods so neatly presented drew me in. After over an hour and a slight dent in my bank account I became a makeup fan. Since then leaving the house without makeup seems cruel and not just to all who see me but I have so much fun putting makeup on.  

Only now do I understand the whole world I was missing. It wasn’t as bad as I thought! Years later looking back and grateful for all the help of makeup professional, friends, and makeup tutorials and tips. I feel I have slowly emerged from the cave of bare face and feel eventually I will emerge victorious and achieve the perfect red lip and winged liner.

Goals.  Fresh Face For Spring

Fresh Face for Spring

Shop this Fresh Face For Spring Look:

Aqua Glow Serum Foundation , Aqua Glow Serum Concealer, Convertible Color 5 Pan Palette & Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Stila

Butter Bronzer – Physicians Formula 

Intense Moisture Balance – Dermalogica 

Primed & Poreless Primer – Too Faced 

Eye Shadow Base – NYX

Color Stay Not Just Nudes Eyeshadow – Revlon 

This Post was sponsored by B-glowing and Physicians Formula for Fred Meyers. All thoughts and opinions are genuinely mine. 

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Its officially SPRING and Spring has sprung! What better way to celebrate than share some of our favorites in a Spring Links We Love! 

  1. When we used this body mist we instantly fell in love and are now fans for life.
  2. We have some exciting things coming for the new seasons and it involves delicious arm candy. Stay Tuned.
  3. Slimming down during Spring in preparation for Summer? This salad is off the charts and less on the calories.
  4. I have been crushing on this Fashion Blogger for years. Check out her rainy day outfit inspiration. 
  5. Finally we found a cocktail to match the cherry blossoms. Try it out for yourself!

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